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Saturday, August 6, 2011

My journey to Amazon intern....part 3:P

                         Continuing from...."I was bitterly hungry so went out with a friend to have something and then came the call on my phone...."   Yes it was one of our guys who was waiting there outside for the results just like me... The only difference is right now am not there at the spot... So i went back along with my friend after gulping what i meant to enjoy drinking...Anyways chuck that... We reached over there... and the guy who called me said i made it to the next round along with few other people.. You know the exact number was not known to anyone 'cause afterwards they called few more.....

                      So, though i didn't have any expectations as a fellow candidate i was a bit apprehensive about what is next... So i asked others about what is gonna be next...Of course each had their own versions just like me... Then i managed to make out something from the morning experiences and my friends' ... that they were specific about something called 'approach'... so i was bit comfortable that i might be able to satisfy them with what i call that 'i just work on my intuition at the moment'... So i was waiting for my turn to come while discussing all petty things with others which was possible at that moment....

                     I didn't feel like sitting there anymore so i just gave company to the other one who was just having a walk around near-by asking about how he developed all such good programming skills specifically coding skills..i shared my stuff too... and then asked about some random stuff and time just passed for some time. I no longer felt like walking around as one of our guys was called in and he just left.. As i said earlier i was waiting for my turn.. Then one of the panelists came out and said that the others were busy with other candidates so we   could have  a short break or something, have our lunch and then could come back after one hour... we actually didnt have a mind-set to eat at all... After all we just need to know whether we would make it... But still as a bunch anything is possible....

                    Me and other few guys left to sc to have something and then there we met few of our friends who gave their wishes... I dont think that whether it really reached our minds or not as we were busy thinking something else... So we came back before 15 minutes of the stipulated time(let me say so... )... After sometime they called few of our friends and seniors and then was MY TURN....I WENT IN... to be continued in the next post.... Sorry for the extension of time.... Bye....


  1. Hi Sugavanesh..... enjoyed reading ur article.................as a matter of fact Amazon comes in my campus too and I really wanna work ....for some great company like them...................................I was wondering if u could tell me what i should do to prepare for their tests and interviews.....
    It would be nice if u could tell what u did.. so i can follow

    thanks !


    1. Hi Shubham,

      Thanks for your comments. Read one of my other article [http://amastersidea.blogspot.in/2013/03/amazon-interview-chitchat-with-friend.html] where I had a similar conversation about what to prepare and how the entire thing works there. In general, a good knowledge of data structures, algo, a little of OS and networks knowledge should get u through. Try geeksforgeeks dot com or similar sites where u can find interview questions. Try solving as many coding questions as possible.