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There are no "knowns." There are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say there are things that we now know we don't know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we do not know we don't know.

-Donald Rumsfeld

Sunday, March 31, 2013

So I watched a video (Hiphop Tamizha - Manithan Tamilan) and this is what I feel


This video is not worth the time (Just skip to the last 1.5 minutes which is worth the time) just like this blog post. :P

Link to the video:

Uh, wait! Seriously? Did u watch the entire video? Is it really a must watch?! 
Personally, I have nothing against the video as for the motive behind it. But the way the promotion is done is what irritates me!! On a related note, read my article regarding the same here.. 

He is citing Lemuria, Alex Collier, 20000 yr old language (??),  DNA research (Watch Story of India by BBC!), Angkor wat and what not?! 

Myths demystified:

1. Lemuria : Read my other post on it.

2. Alex Collier : Avan onna number dagaalty! Controversy is all around him! He also claims we were extra-terrestials and he has made contact with Andromeda! (I mean, seriously?! ) Read this, and google his name! (You ll have the most fun time of your life!)

3. 20000 yr old language: Few excavations here and there has cited proofs of Tamil Brahmi script to be as old as 6K yrs old but 20000 yrs is too far-fetched. And I am not going to buy it! 

4. DNA Research (and Tamil being the oldest DNA): For that they need not be Tamil ppl from the origin for all I know, thats what the researchers concluded. Yes, its true that the oldest DNA from the human race was found from the person somewhere in a village in Madurai but that doesnt say anything, for all I know. 

5. Angkor wat : Watch videos on Angkor wat (Digging for truth: YouTube) and read Sivaranjani's article (its a great one!) on the same in our magazine, Aayutham. Nowhere, it has been proved that it is a Tamil King. Yes, there have been clues and hints like, the architecture of the temple, the irrigation system of the entire old city (Read about this! Its an interesting piece of engineering for the age of it!), few artworks here and there, religion of the temple. But its still inconclusive. It is safe to say, it is by some Indian origin dynasty but nothing else can we derive as of now. 

6. Citing aganaanuru and puranaanuru as oldest treasures: I mean seriously?! What happened to Tholkappiyam, Thirumanthiram, and all other scientific works in Ettuthokai and 18 Keezh and Mezh?! 

This is how low, an argument can be. All the above are myths! And just that! Atleast, he didnt claim to bunk other languages. I am happy about the way he has concluded that we should just be proud about our language (That, I like it..)  

Personally, this is how the video should have been!  (I feel it this way!)

  1. Tanjore temple (Thats a great one! I liked it!)
  2. Thiruvalluvar
  3. Siddha medicine 
  4. Thirumanthiram 
  5. Pythogorean theorem (Tamil version)
  6. Scientific quotes in 18 Keezh, 18 Mel, ettuthogai
  7. Tholkappiyam (Its claimed to be the oldest book on grammar by many. I dont know how far its true!)
  8. Third (might be forth) most popular language on the internet (Thanks to the Srilankan Tamil patriots for their amazing work like Noolaham!)
  9. Yaazhpaanam library (I liked this one too!)
  10. Kalaigal 64
  11. Secularism embedded in the language
  12. Importance to arts, science over religion in the literature (Read ancient works, some wikipedia articles, watch some videos on how advent of Hinduism and other religions corrupted the literature works to be religious!)
  13. Semmozhi status for its literature
  14. Carrying over culture over centuries through customs, arts and language.. 

This would have been a valid and fine argument! Rather than quoting Alex Collier and co. That substantially defeats the argument in itself.

I mean seriously, having a conversation with Andromeda extra-terrestials, and Lemurians are extra-terrestials. Oh, please save me on this one!

I rest my case. Valid Comments (with proper citations and proofs!) are welcome.

P.S: I am not posting this argument over there in the source as it might lead to unwarranted comments and unwanted bashing. People just don't understand. So I am limiting the audience to my commentary.

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