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Thursday, April 4, 2013

[Arch Linux] A self-help list of commands for wifi and network related issues

Right when I started using arch-linux, I know my state will be something like this meme,

Well, yeah, arch-linux has frustrated me on many occasions. Nevertheless, it has given me the greatest compatibility and working experience with all its bleeding edge updates. 

Recently I performed an upgrade and ever since I have been facing problems with wireless connections.. And I figured out every time, I am trying to fix the same problem by reinventing the wheel. So thought of maintaining a self-help list so that I can fix it myself without referring through all wiki and going through all those answers..

So few commands that I am supposed to remember for all network issues:

#if system network services are not compatible error comes up,

sudo systemctl enable NetworkManager

#to check what is the current status of wifi and bluetooth (well actually, list of processes affected by rfkill),

watch -n1 rfkill list all

#to set an interface up (In this case wlp4s0),

sudo ip link set wlp4s0 up

If wpa_supplicant does not come to the rescue, Use the graphical network manager and try to use 'connect to some hidden network'!

That worked for me though the command line wifi-menu tool showed authentication errors repeatedly.

P.S I know this is so basic, yet I forget these every time. So, this is just a self-help list.

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