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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Garuda purana- My personal opinion

           It is a well known fact that these days all those old ceremonial procedures are done just for the sake of doing without actually knowing the real meaning of it in many cases...
          I had an opportunity to listen to Garuda Purana (synonymous with Judgement day section of the bible) today where i found many of the notions ridiculous..For eg., 
  • If a woman throws herself in her husband's funeral pire, she would attain moksha(the ultimate inner-peace of the soul..well actually thats how i would define) because it is considered highly sacred...But actually it is against law in the modern India. 
  • Brahmins have supreme privilege after the death of any human as they would be provided with those many dhanams (free give aways*..now i can imagine the origin of our govt's intentions) as the present yuga-kali yuga is known as the yuga for dhaanams..I wonder why cant it be given to the fourth category ppl (acc. to the book) as they are more needy than the brahmins*..Oh am sorry this is not for alms right..!!this is for moksha..!!
  • It speaks about all those punishments...Damn i agree and am frightened too that i ve planned to change some of my characters... But the point is from all those crimes' punishments one can escape if one do all those specified procedures..(yeah obviously give aways for brahmins, prayers, yagnas and personal diet maintenance)*..This is agreeable only if the mistake is made unknowingly..
  • What if the person does the crime knowing that he can escape from the punishment by doing all those parikaras(counter actions for his crime..basically compensation)..That doesnt make sense ATLEAST to me...
  • The soul has to travel all the way some 80000 units distance( i forgot the units actually) and then he would be subjected to all those punishments...Obviously the way would also be tedious..I understand..How about getting the punishments in the later part of life itself...That would have been much simple..More over it would have met its necessity- leading the ppl in the righteous path...
  • But now the equation is so simple but the process is so complex..like...
    • 'so called' good guys     -     terrible life on earth(obviously thats reality for good ppl on earth)       +       pleasant life on heaven(or what so ever it may be)
    • 'so called' bad guys       -     pleasant life on earth with few hurdles(hard reality)       +           terrible life on hell( or what so ever it is)
  • Both having the same benefits and deficits except that it is said heaven or hell--both the ones are the extremes on opposite poles.. so their point holds good...But in current world, i personally think here also the opposites are about to be on extremes..So acc. to me, its just the matter of the order...Which one you want first...?
  • And why is that all the creatures are dominated by humans that we are superior to them so that if we commit crime we would be having those 'lower order' births?? Arent all creatures equivalent acc. to the creation by Lord himself...
   In most of the places women are not treated as better halfs.. rather claimed as subjected to's of men.. That clearly shows the men chauvinism... I just hoped for some female poet or saint written purana atleast so that there female are male's better halfs... somewhere i listed to a line quoting.." If a lady is sold to..If a lady is given as slave to...".. Is this not against basic humanity.. What in the world do these ppl speak about purity and moksha* if they can allow selling of fellow human beings?? 
    One thing i clearly understood was, "The importance of a human soul"..(whom so ever it is)...Just that..And those punishments are no longer frightening for me,once I realized they are actually fictional*..
   I should appreciate the creativity and craftsmanship behind designing those punishments, all those parikaras and rebirth classifications.. Wow, no clashes, its completely with strong base which is a main reason for this fairy tale* by the saints(created for the reason of righteousness of human beings) becoming a much sought after purana in History.. And Prohidars are just so genius* for they have settled their life by chanting us the importance of our environment* for decades of centuries altogether...

*-I wholeheartedly truthfully politely frankly proclaim that this article is not meant to offend any one in person or any group... The entire purpose of this article is just to get some answers for my questions and EXPRESSING MY PERSONAL POINT OF VIEW WHICH DOESN'T REFLECT ANYBODY'S OR ANY GROUP'S NOTIONS... Pls forgive and forget if i ve have offended anyone or any group.... After all this is just my personal opinion and am not recommending or asking anyone to justify it or answer it!!!!!!

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  1. Few points you told, is acceptable only to the present generation but not to the old ones because they have dissolved in these beliefs already.