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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

MTS Mblaze usage in ubuntu 11.04

Well, After much trouble for about one hour it started working very smoothly in my Ubuntu 11.04 desktop edition.... Yes its MBlaze... 

All i did is just this...
Before that if someone googles it obviously one can get many working solutions... But its all so exhausted that i need to remember all those methods and go for a concatenated version of solution...

1. Google "usb-modeswitch" and download the package and keep it somewhere which can be accessed by ubuntu
The site i used to download was from Debian.. choose the correct architecture to avoid curther problems

2.Similarly download "usb-modeswitch-data" and download the package and store it
The site i used to download was from Debian again... Here there is no problem of architecture...as it is in general

3.restart the system with ubuntu and then install the debian packages

4. For me it got upgraded without actually connecting to internet.. Maybe it might just need to be enabled

5. Then restart the system again.. little Hectic na!! But no other go...

6. Then press super button on keyboard and type "Network Connections"... Uh, you got what i meant..

7. Now go to mobile broadband tab and click on "Add" connection..

8. In most of the cases the modem wont be detected... Don't worry it was the case for me also... Just manually run through the options like, MTS as service provider and country etc.. etc..

9. in the last window that appears...enter as follows..
Username: internet@internet.mtsindia.in
Password: MTS
I hope the "number" by default will be #777 .. By God's grace no need to disturb that.. Just press "Save"

10. Don't forget to Enable Mobile Broadband by rightly clicking on the network icon...

11. Voila.. in a matter of seconds... it detected the modem.. and am online...

12. Hope it works.. If not try restarting the system and then using the modem again...For me it worked without restarting...

13. For further queries... First try the God"Google" then post comments on this post....

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