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There are no "knowns." There are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say there are things that we now know we don't know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we do not know we don't know.

-Donald Rumsfeld

Sunday, July 3, 2011

My first sci-fi story..

Day 7 ADD(After Dooms Day) 
 Albert Karamchand,
CTC(Chief Technical Consultant),
Sector-2,ISSI(International Survivors’ Solutions Institute),
State Magragendi.
To the World I might not see,
                 Things should never have happened this way. I never thought that I would be part of the world when it would become extinct. I just wish we should have seen it coming. We could have used the ULTRACOMP 3 to evaluate the data on incoming radiations. Atleast we could’ve given more importance to the characteristics of NEXAGENTUM rather than just admiring at its characteristics. When I joined ISSI after War 3 (The Third World War), I never expected there would be a further more major disaster ,just on its way to us.

                   Well, War 3 had already caused a catastrophe more than anyone could ever imagine. 46.37% of the population before War 3 were dead after it. Thanks to the peace policy of State Magragendi which kept us away from the loss. Credit goes to our ancestors – the Indians. Though India was split to two unequal parts, it turned out to be a rational, fruitful idea in the future. Atleast we were able to construct as many TOAW’s (Towards Another World) possible so that we were able to save around 400 million people and other living beings.

                    This entire web of events initiated on 3 pm of March 3, 2033. Those many 3’s sounded really nasty even today, as we all were forced into these TOAW’s by nature on the same day. Yes, NIEB ( National Institute of Extra-terrestrial Bodies ), Russia reported “few remains of an asteroid (so called) was found in the desert of UtraMoscow”. Soon, they had the entire area under tight security. I was working for ETI (Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) at that time. I still remember few of my colleagues were so apprehensive about what NIEB was having in its mind. I and few of my co-scientists were asked by the U.F.(United Front) to check for any form of Intel in those rocks. All we were able to find was abnormal decaying of cactus plants around that area where the rock had hit. We proposed to stop all kinds of experiments, rather find the whereabouts of the rock as NASA announced that it’s telescopes nor the Russian ones were unable to detect any asteroid coming in any range possible. But NIEB neglected our proposal and also sent a 'NO NECESSITY' notice to U.F. So we returned, doing nothing. They also tried to convince us saying that the cactus burnt and not decayed..

                        One good thing I managed to do was contact someone in IMB (International Metallurgical Institute) to ask for the reports of the element ‘X’ in the extra-terrestrial rocks. To a common scientist’s astonishment, (not to me anyways as I expected something strange), it had mind blowing properties. He was dumbstruck and didn’t know how to exclaim it. In his words,
"That thing, whatever it is, is completely phenomenal. Z:A ratio was 1:4 but still 98.4% stable. Still, when induced by ZERO rays gave ultimate, rather more viable and consumable radioactivity. We actually managed to electrify a 6 storeyed building with it and Zero rays using Master RadioElecticity technology. Though it was a heavy solid of high density, it bent in a glass hole but can’t be pressed by bare hands. When it was exposed to UV rays , it suddenly became partially invisible. We understood that when its atoms get excited it transfers the visible energy to the other side. So to try to comprehend this, we went to our lab at State Of Antarc where it was completely invisible. We  understood that cosmic rays also played its part. We tested with all possible radiations after that. Every outcome was completely irrelevant , unjustified to the existing theories. So we are still in evaluation process”

                          After listening to all these, I was totally astonished when the next day news aired “ IMI had reported that it had found a new element – a metal and have named it as NEXAGENTUM (Next Generation’s Ultimatum) owing to its electrical properties. It can light up a big building indefinitely with ZERO rays nullifying law of conservation at its face. However no other new characteristics observed.” The ironical part was even the BOS (Board Of Scientists) of U.F. accepted their acclaimed facts. BUT, Future was about to reveal itself by series of consequences.
                         Suddenly, lengths of days and nights changed abruptly. It was poorly attributed to the ozone layer depletion and global warming by BOS. We, a few conspirators from ISSC had no belief in it. Added to our doubt, were the succeeding events. Sudden malfunction of the FLYBOTS and aircraft in huge numbers in mid air; Formation of icebergs from nowhere in the great sea of Sahara, though it was cold ; Increase in number of underwater active volcanoes ; an entire island gets erased out of the world map by meteor showers from nowhere. NIEB, ETI were desperately finding reasons behind these incidents. Thanks to ETI, I was thrown out due to frequent pressure from my side to have access to the so called asteroid in the RESTRICTED AREA of our zone.

                         We in ISSC were working on TOAW’s expecting an another war which might require us to leave this planet or some attack by the aliens due to many recent communications made with Extra-terrestrials. That day on June 3,2043 when suddenly there were showers of rocks in many places of Earth, reducing quarter of the world to ashes. Later NASA announced the warning signal of incoming celestial masses in huge sizes and numbers of unknown substances and compositions, effectively UFO's. All we were able to do was save as many people as possible by emergency FLYRESCUERS, FLYBOTS and so on and leave via TOAW’s in huge numbers to nowhere. I still remembered that moment when I thought, that day has to be the DOOMSDAY for Earth when I was getting aboard… “A huge mass hit the earth in distance. The earth trembled. Soon there was a huge mushroom cloud in the horizon and that was the end of the world.”
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  1. Cool start! i enjoyed reading it,its short n crisp.. n i sort of felt lik reading michael crichton's novel.!