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There are no "knowns." There are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say there are things that we now know we don't know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we do not know we don't know.

-Donald Rumsfeld

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

MTS Mblaze usage in ubuntu 11.04

Well, After much trouble for about one hour it started working very smoothly in my Ubuntu 11.04 desktop edition.... Yes its MBlaze... 

All i did is just this...
Before that if someone googles it obviously one can get many working solutions... But its all so exhausted that i need to remember all those methods and go for a concatenated version of solution...

1. Google "usb-modeswitch" and download the package and keep it somewhere which can be accessed by ubuntu
The site i used to download was from Debian.. choose the correct architecture to avoid curther problems

2.Similarly download "usb-modeswitch-data" and download the package and store it
The site i used to download was from Debian again... Here there is no problem of architecture...as it is in general

3.restart the system with ubuntu and then install the debian packages

4. For me it got upgraded without actually connecting to internet.. Maybe it might just need to be enabled

5. Then restart the system again.. little Hectic na!! But no other go...

6. Then press super button on keyboard and type "Network Connections"... Uh, you got what i meant..

7. Now go to mobile broadband tab and click on "Add" connection..

8. In most of the cases the modem wont be detected... Don't worry it was the case for me also... Just manually run through the options like, MTS as service provider and country etc.. etc..

9. in the last window that appears...enter as follows..
Username: internet@internet.mtsindia.in
Password: MTS
I hope the "number" by default will be #777 .. By God's grace no need to disturb that.. Just press "Save"

10. Don't forget to Enable Mobile Broadband by rightly clicking on the network icon...

11. Voila.. in a matter of seconds... it detected the modem.. and am online...

12. Hope it works.. If not try restarting the system and then using the modem again...For me it worked without restarting...

13. For further queries... First try the God"Google" then post comments on this post....

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Done with the semester holidays

                Started with a heap of expectations, plans, goals, dreams, responsibility, and ended even without a worthy note.... and thats it my holidays are gone..
                But know what... this holidays.. i believe ll be in my memories through out my life..'cause if i fail to reach my desired destination, this blunder will hold responsible for it... And if i still managed to reach over there... then my will power and capabilities will be at par.. Hope my environment suits me and helps me in this case....
 "Life has a lot of surprise for you and it never fails to entertain you and excite you.."
                 I hope it goes as per this law... Came with a plan of reviving my knowledge in my field and ended up in reviving my maturity level... Hope so.. Some one out there must help me to execute those plans of mine.. if not possible atleast edit and modify my plans to suit me.. Come on.. we ought to bend and strive to execute our plans.. And i am sure i didn't even try the least of it... 

               All said now can i make it from here.. Yes.. still i believe.. There is a small ray of hope somewhere in the dark which shows the path i should follow..The more i delay the more thinner and dimmer it becomes... I can realize that..I can feel that and still am waiting and didn't start my journey.. I don't know what is inhibiting my journey towards it.. one thing might be my laziness, my crazy wavering and unclear heart.. But still you have to take that risk to find what is hidden over there.. and i hope i ll take that asap..... 

               Here i am leaving to my clg. with all those plans and dreams as i left the clg.. Only thing that has changed is time constraint and my maturity level.. May be this can help me or something else is there in stock for me... Lets hope for the best.. Do what is best and think what is best... May God gives me what he thinks is best to me... After all these many bests may be exaggerating but still thats me with unbelievable plans and lots of belief in myself... Still managed to and continue to rock life.......... 

Thought for the day: Mistakes are not meant to be repeated...

                Someone said, "Practice makes a man perfect...."..
                From the lessons i' ve had from my life, i understood one profound truth.. Practice is accompanied my mistakes.. No one can oppose that.. But each time you practice something you got to be better at it..rather than being in the same state... If not there is no purpose of practice in there except killing time and resources... Well said now ... Does that mean we are not supposed to commit any mistakes as we practice?

               Not at all.. This is my view... All i need myself to see is I just don't want to commit the same damn mistake which i committed in the previous session of practice.. That doesn't mean that i ll be devoid of mistakes.. Now as it goes i should see that i ve an element of improvement...

               Let me add that, " I've  always and continue to commit mistakes but never the same again....." And i take prestige in saying that... Certain stuff go unnoticed.. Like while practising for singing or dancing or any other form of art... We cant perfect it at the very second time we perform that or practice that... There mistakes are not actually mistakes... There comes actually the concept of improvement....

                With all this boring, long, weird, lecture of mine all i meant to say was..., "Progress must happen in life... No matter what..." Progress means not in time... but in our character, our learning, our experience, our way of understanding, our experience, our relationship with others, our maturity, our IQ, as a whole that part of life which ACTUALLY ADDS SENSE TO IT.... So I hope to never repeat the mistakes which i ve been repenting for the brief past.. Let that be brief but let our life's context not be brief......

              Continue to rock in life.........!!!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Sorting or Arranging circles in google+

                      Tried the new google+.. It really looks awesome... Google is always a step ahead of the rest of the tech world( Pardon me if am wrong).. As someone says, no one or nothing is perfect in this world, g+ has also got  its own bugs.. Like being not able to arrange circles, unable to block our profile from getting viewed though the person himself has been blocked, etc..etc...

                      Let me come to the topic... ever wondered or got fed up at not being able to arrange or sort the circles...Well yeah its at least supposed to be one hell of a problem.....:P....

Before sorting
                            Those who haven't tried g+..."its cool na".... For those who are worried about the bug.. i think i have a solution.... How about renaming them... Well obviously you know there is an option to rename the circle names..... For those who don't know,

1. Click on the particular circle
2. A more enlarged version of the particular circle should be visible.Now you can find the title of the circle on the upper left corner of the circle... Followed by it an option to rename it....
3. Use that option and rename it......... Voila.....

                           So what i did actually to solve this bug on a temporary basis is i renamed the circles with their names starting with a number followed by the actual or your customized name based on the priority in which i want the circles to be sorted....
After sorting(oh.. come on i agree this is altogether a diff. pic from the above one)

                            And there you go.......This helped me a bit to overcome this very small bug and say g+ is yet another big-bang from google just with small blots.. g+ rockzzzzzzzz...

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Question for the day

   We have two persons - person1, person2... Person1 has a piece of land and person2 comes up with a crazy idea... One thing to say about person2 is, he is honest... He goes to person1 and asks him to register the land in his name in return he would build a house for person1 in the same place instead of paying any cash.. and he can stay over there itself as many years possible... Person2 also says that you can have the land registered only after the house being constructed for you.... To add to the point, person1 also keeps his word.. Person2 also guarantees him that there would be no problem from his side atleast for the next 20 years till his son grows up.... So what should person1 do now? What should be his decision? 
If he accepts the offer who will be the gainer??
If he denies, who will be the gainer??
Answer this......

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

FIrst day with Python

        Seriously this is an awesome language.For those guys who don't know what python is,(Oh come on,you know i never mentioned about that mountain snake) check out this link..The Official Website of Python.. It is totally cool!!

        I preferred to a book called "Dive Into Python" rather than the normal 'docs' that come along with the software.. That book speaks to us.. I literally mean it.. The author have taken a very good effort to make the book reader-friendly.. The first day, i was able to cover more than 50 pages(Given that it contains only basics and i already knew a bit about it out of curiosity).. Still i was not fed up to continue reading..

       This got to me one of the important feature of the text book.. It should never lead us away rather than bonding with us.. And this book rightly did it.. I know i am blabbering the same for the past two stanzas.. But this comes out of pure enthu that i have got for this book right now.. I wish i would continue to show the same enthu in the days to come.. In these many pages i was able to find just one bug that too a typo error- replacing 0 by 'theta'.. I believe you got it..

       insert(), append(), remove(), pop(), sys.path, index, count, in, print(), tuples, list, sets.......Man I totally love it.. I hope this first day victory(Let me call that pls) wouldn't get into my mind and spoil the oncoming days.. 

Monday, July 4, 2011

Thought for the day- Punish yourself

       I never knew punishments were this good after what i am undergoing now... I think i will succeed even if i start after this punishment for the repeated crime yesterday.. i understand this doesnt make any sense for strangers... But what is more important is the consequences...
       If you feel that you have committed a mistake then better give yourself  a punishment otherwise you will be forced to undergo the punishment given by the third person-it can be your fate, god, friends, relationship, life whatever you name it... but its so true that it would be more harsh on you than your own punishment for self...

       I think i am right so i gave myself a punishment that i must undergo for this day... and i hope this would eventually change my life drastically in the positive sense...

       As someone says,

            " Work hard and get what you like or else you will force to like what you get"

      My line goes like this,
             " Punish yourself and make yourself sorry otherwise you would be forced for a harsher punishment by the will of god or nature"

      So punish yourself rather than giving the right to someone else... After all we like to have the ball in our court rather than someone else directing it... Isn't it?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

My first sci-fi story..

Day 7 ADD(After Dooms Day) 
 Albert Karamchand,
CTC(Chief Technical Consultant),
Sector-2,ISSI(International Survivors’ Solutions Institute),
State Magragendi.
To the World I might not see,
                 Things should never have happened this way. I never thought that I would be part of the world when it would become extinct. I just wish we should have seen it coming. We could have used the ULTRACOMP 3 to evaluate the data on incoming radiations. Atleast we could’ve given more importance to the characteristics of NEXAGENTUM rather than just admiring at its characteristics. When I joined ISSI after War 3 (The Third World War), I never expected there would be a further more major disaster ,just on its way to us.

                   Well, War 3 had already caused a catastrophe more than anyone could ever imagine. 46.37% of the population before War 3 were dead after it. Thanks to the peace policy of State Magragendi which kept us away from the loss. Credit goes to our ancestors – the Indians. Though India was split to two unequal parts, it turned out to be a rational, fruitful idea in the future. Atleast we were able to construct as many TOAW’s (Towards Another World) possible so that we were able to save around 400 million people and other living beings.

                    This entire web of events initiated on 3 pm of March 3, 2033. Those many 3’s sounded really nasty even today, as we all were forced into these TOAW’s by nature on the same day. Yes, NIEB ( National Institute of Extra-terrestrial Bodies ), Russia reported “few remains of an asteroid (so called) was found in the desert of UtraMoscow”. Soon, they had the entire area under tight security. I was working for ETI (Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) at that time. I still remember few of my colleagues were so apprehensive about what NIEB was having in its mind. I and few of my co-scientists were asked by the U.F.(United Front) to check for any form of Intel in those rocks. All we were able to find was abnormal decaying of cactus plants around that area where the rock had hit. We proposed to stop all kinds of experiments, rather find the whereabouts of the rock as NASA announced that it’s telescopes nor the Russian ones were unable to detect any asteroid coming in any range possible. But NIEB neglected our proposal and also sent a 'NO NECESSITY' notice to U.F. So we returned, doing nothing. They also tried to convince us saying that the cactus burnt and not decayed..

                        One good thing I managed to do was contact someone in IMB (International Metallurgical Institute) to ask for the reports of the element ‘X’ in the extra-terrestrial rocks. To a common scientist’s astonishment, (not to me anyways as I expected something strange), it had mind blowing properties. He was dumbstruck and didn’t know how to exclaim it. In his words,
"That thing, whatever it is, is completely phenomenal. Z:A ratio was 1:4 but still 98.4% stable. Still, when induced by ZERO rays gave ultimate, rather more viable and consumable radioactivity. We actually managed to electrify a 6 storeyed building with it and Zero rays using Master RadioElecticity technology. Though it was a heavy solid of high density, it bent in a glass hole but can’t be pressed by bare hands. When it was exposed to UV rays , it suddenly became partially invisible. We understood that when its atoms get excited it transfers the visible energy to the other side. So to try to comprehend this, we went to our lab at State Of Antarc where it was completely invisible. We  understood that cosmic rays also played its part. We tested with all possible radiations after that. Every outcome was completely irrelevant , unjustified to the existing theories. So we are still in evaluation process”

                          After listening to all these, I was totally astonished when the next day news aired “ IMI had reported that it had found a new element – a metal and have named it as NEXAGENTUM (Next Generation’s Ultimatum) owing to its electrical properties. It can light up a big building indefinitely with ZERO rays nullifying law of conservation at its face. However no other new characteristics observed.” The ironical part was even the BOS (Board Of Scientists) of U.F. accepted their acclaimed facts. BUT, Future was about to reveal itself by series of consequences.
                         Suddenly, lengths of days and nights changed abruptly. It was poorly attributed to the ozone layer depletion and global warming by BOS. We, a few conspirators from ISSC had no belief in it. Added to our doubt, were the succeeding events. Sudden malfunction of the FLYBOTS and aircraft in huge numbers in mid air; Formation of icebergs from nowhere in the great sea of Sahara, though it was cold ; Increase in number of underwater active volcanoes ; an entire island gets erased out of the world map by meteor showers from nowhere. NIEB, ETI were desperately finding reasons behind these incidents. Thanks to ETI, I was thrown out due to frequent pressure from my side to have access to the so called asteroid in the RESTRICTED AREA of our zone.

                         We in ISSC were working on TOAW’s expecting an another war which might require us to leave this planet or some attack by the aliens due to many recent communications made with Extra-terrestrials. That day on June 3,2043 when suddenly there were showers of rocks in many places of Earth, reducing quarter of the world to ashes. Later NASA announced the warning signal of incoming celestial masses in huge sizes and numbers of unknown substances and compositions, effectively UFO's. All we were able to do was save as many people as possible by emergency FLYRESCUERS, FLYBOTS and so on and leave via TOAW’s in huge numbers to nowhere. I still remembered that moment when I thought, that day has to be the DOOMSDAY for Earth when I was getting aboard… “A huge mass hit the earth in distance. The earth trembled. Soon there was a huge mushroom cloud in the horizon and that was the end of the world.”
© sugavaneshb@amastersidea.blogspot.com

Thought for the day- Promises are meant to be kept

"I give you a word!!"
"You can take my word for it"
"I promise!!"
"O god, please help me to hold to my promise!!"
"I wish I had kept my word the other day"

       These are just the lines ringing all the time in my ears ( if not my inner-self) now-a-days.. Still I continue to do the same crime i was doing before making all those blasphemous promises..Let me call that a blunder- a mistake that can never be corrected.. My pity, cant some one just stop me and say." Damn man!! you are not born for this!! Don't you dare repeat this again!!"..The least was me.. And I just continue to fail me..

       As someone said, "Human hearts just strive to find mistakes in others' perfection, while striving to find excuses for its own mistakes....!" How true!!

      Some one adds to this fact of all time as," We are so mean and lame that we continue to find some loop-holes in our words and promises and try to sum it up using those filthy loop holes...How disgusting!!"
      I feel so embarrassed when i get to realize that am one of those convicts of this major blunder which just goes unnoticed to make ordinary life and nature running at its pace.. O Lord...! Where is my self-conscience!! Wont there be someone to help me out!! Its already high time that i still didn't get rid of this!!

      So I hope some one would write a book on how to give a perfect word to someone else or inner-self!! So that me and the other convicts would learn from the book!! How sweet it would be!! After all we are all learners..and we continue to learn...

     Damn, what if there are some loop-holes in that book also..After all that book would be written by some other ordinary if not extra-ordinary human being who would have himself lost in many promises... Only god might help us or whether he himself has committed a blunder by creating such imperfect humans like us..(sorry me..I shouldn't have mentioned others as i don't have that liberty).. As the say goes..,

         "Practice makes a man perfect..No one is perfect then why practice....!!"..Let me have the least liberty to edit as.,

         "Promises makes a man perfect (by standing by it)..Seldom do they keep the promise..Then why promise...??!!"..how right ..( atleast for the moment!! )??